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Once again – getting a notification of funds received from my Empower Network business.

Did you know that anyone can do this? You don’t have to be techy or know everything about business or even talk on the phone with people or have meetings or anything like that.

All that you need to do for Empower Network is blog and consistently do some marketing and then the rest of the system takes care of all the selling and rewards you with commissions.

If you have been looking at Empower Network for some time, but have not taken the plunge – then I think it’s about time that you take a serious look at it and what it can do for you and any business that you may be a part of or have.

Empower Network uses ewallet as a merchant account and is set up when you join. You simply transfer the money over into your bank account when you want to. It takes about 3 days for you to see the money inside of your bank account.

I wanted to keep encouraging you with this Empower Network Proof that it really pays you.

Income Disclosure



Empower Network Proof Video By John Wells

by admin on April 20, 2013

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This blog is about proof that if you are willing to blog – then you can make a living doing so. In this post I embedded a video by John Wells who is doing very well with Empower Network and he shows you proof from the inside of his Empower Network back office.

Click Here For The Income Disclosure

After watching this video – click on a banner on this site to get started with Empower Network. Average everyday people can earn 100% commissions just for blogging every day.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to make money daily with Empower Network blogging platform just like John Wells with Empower Network.

You can do this and start earning commissions just like John Wells Empower Network.

Join now and start blogging your way to a full-time income. Click the banner on the side of this blog to get started.



Got 3 leads just today from Empower Network blogging

March 27, 2013
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The blogging system really actually works if you are willing to blog. I already have proof. The proof is in the statistics  Again on the image below you can click it and see the blog traffic that was created from 1 recent blog post. It’s crazy what can happen and if you are not a believer […]

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I Blogged About The NCAA Tournament 2013 And Got Traffic

March 22, 2013
Thumbnail image for I Blogged About The NCAA Tournament 2013 And Got Traffic

The above picture is just more proof that the Empower Network blogging system – really works. The picture above is from my google analytics account that tracks the traffic of my empower blog. Below is the same image – but you can CLICK ON IT and see it in FULL SIZE – then click back […]

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Another Sign Up With Empower Network

March 4, 2013

Sometimes you just need more proof that Empower Network works. This is another screen shot from within my gmail congratulating me on another sign up with Empower. (click on the image to make it full – then back the back button) Note: I blotched out most of the person’s name and email as not to […]

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Real Proof That Empower Blogging System Works

February 5, 2013
Thumbnail image for Real Proof That Empower Blogging System Works

Ok – the top picture is just the post image, but if you click on the picture below these words – you will be able to open it to it’s full-size which will allow you to see the google analytic stats from my blogging efforts. As you can see – the Empower Network blogging system […]

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Empower Blog Google Analytics Update

January 9, 2013
Thumbnail image for Empower Blog Google Analytics Update

People want to know if the Empower Network blogging platform actually drives traffic if you blog – so I have been very naughty on my consistency with blogging and shame on me because – when I went to check on a post I had created a week ago to see if it was getting any […]

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eWallet Payment Transfer Today

November 9, 2012
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Today I transferred over another $60 (minus a fee) to my bank account because of Empower Network. This is more proof that Empower Network works. Empower Network uses eWallet as a gateway (merchant) for you to collect your 100% commissions – minus the fees that are involved. If you are trying to decide or searching […]

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You Just Lost A Commission With Empower Network!

August 22, 2012

Well - maybe . It depends on whether you’re a part of The Empower Network yet. Let me show you: That’s the amount of commissions we’ve paid peoplein under 30 days.. (yes, almost a million dollars :) Make a Decision It’s more than just commissions though, it’s the sheer volume of residual income that we’ve created for people in almost every network marketing company… […]

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Got Another Sign Up With Empower Network

August 20, 2012

CLICK ON PIC TO MAKE BIGGER – THEN CLICK BACK Ok – Here is from with inside my gmail account where you can see my name and icon and the email from David Wood Congratulating me on signing up a new member! When that happens – I’m getting $25 a month sent to me (unless […]

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